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The main thing you need to consider when traveling to Raja Ampat is a huge cost to be incurred to transport problems. The following points may be taken into consideration.

  1. Using PELNI Ship

The most inexpensive transportation you could get is by using PELNI ship. The start line is in Jakarta to Sorong. Once the charged Rp 700,000, – to Rp 800,000, – per person. But the journey using PELNI ship has a very long time estimates, could reach approximately 5 days.

This transportation is suitable for people who do have a lot of empty time. But it is certainly not suitable for office workers who only have a little time off.

  1. Finding Aircraft’s Promo Tickets

Before deciding go to Raja Ampat, you better check promo tickets. For a typical day or perhaps at the holidays, tickets will soar. It requires approximately Rp. 3-6 million to fly.

Using aircraft’s promo tickets is how a lot of people have taken to travel to Raja Ampat. If you are lucky you can get a ticket promo “buy 1 get 1 free” with prices four times cheaper than the normal price. It may seem tempting, but this method relies heavily on luck. Unless you know the trick to get a ticket promo is easy.

Also make sure the air you get to Sorong before 12.00 WIT in order to rest for a while before crossing into Waisai by boat at 14.00 CEST. You need to spend Rp 120,000, – to cross from Sorong to Raja Ampat. However, the ship uses a system of “full boat, straight off”. That’s why if before 14:00 WIT, the ship is full, the ship will depart straightly. The interior of the ferry is very comfortable and equipped by couches. It is certain that your crossing moment will be fun.

Do You Want Backpacker Traveling or Join Open Trip Travel Agent?

  1. Open Trip

If you opt in open-trip travel agent, at a cost of Rp 7.5 million, the beauty of Raja Ampat has been enjoyed for 4 days. However, for this cost doesnot include the cost of a round trip from departure city to Sorong, because the open trip usually makes Sorong as a meeting point.

Although quite expensive, even it is more expensive than a trip around Southeast Asia, the good news if you use travel agency services, you no longer think about how you will be looking for a hotel, the cost of diving, and even documentation. All of these things have been taken care of by the travel agent.

  1. Backpacker

If your adventurous spirit is high enough, backpacker is right choice. To reduce costs in a way backpacker trip to Raja Ampat, it is advisable to invite friends to a minimum of 4 people in order to reduce the cost of transportation and accommodation. The more members in your group are, the cheaper the cost is.

Moreover, in contrast to open-trip travel agent that has had the best time schedule go to Raja Ampat, we should pay attention to some season when backpacking. In the months from November to January is not the best time to visit there.

For places to stay, in fact we can choose to stay in Sorong or Waisai (the capital city of Raja Ampat). Stay in Sorong, you must reach Rp 8,000,000/20 for a crossing. Though expensive, lodging in Sorong is much more complete.

In Waisai, you can stay at a resort for Rp 500,000/day, diving Rp 550,000/spot and snorkeling equipment rental Rp 50.000, -. A price commensurate with that will you get; romantic evening sun, lush trees surrounding the inn, some soa-soa attached to the tree trunk, and of course the bonus multiple stings pigs fly. Let’s just say these things are keepsakes that can only be obtained in Raja Ampat.

What Can Be Done in Raja Ampat?

Besides enjoying the virgin island with all the beautiful scenery is second to none, the main reason many people traveled there is for diving and snorkeling. Throughout the eye can see, we could have a view of lush forest, clusters of colorful limestone and a variety of rare plants as well as sea turtle nests on the beach.

The most important thing of course; do the mainstream thing; take selfie pictures in the famous of Wayag cluster.

Seeing Bird of Paradise at the zoo is already commonplace. How if you can see them directly in Papua? In the GAM Island you will be stunned to see the live dance of this rare bird.

What the other things? Interacted with local people is the best part when traveling to Raja Ampat. They are very friendly and love to laugh. Try it when you’ll have to set  your feet there, remove the candy wrapper chocolate out of your pocket, it is guaranteed that Raja Ampat children will like it very much, they will immediately gathered around you.