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Raja Ampat is a group of islands located on the northwest of Papua, Indonesia which means the four kings. Around 1500 small islands are comprised here along with the cays and shoals that make it really perfect to visit during your summer holiday. There are basically 4 main islands namely Misool, Salawati, Batanta, and Weigo. Of course, each of them has its own beauty and uniqueness that you should not miss.


If you are wondering what you can do in Raja Ampat except enjoying the magnificent landscape, here they are to know. The first thing to be done here is diving. Well, it is reasonable as the sea around the islands itself is called as the heaven of diving. The archipelago consists of about 450 types of corals and more than half of them are known as the best ones around the world. The crystalline sea is also garnished by thousands of species of fishes and underwater animal. Sure, you must have a license to do so for the matter of safety. There are at least 6 most well-known diving site in Raja Ampat, they are Kri Island, Sel Pele, South Penemu, Waigeo, Wofoh, and Yangelo.

Going around with Sailboats

How if you are not able to or having no any license to dive? Will your holiday in Raja Ampat feel nothing? Don’t worry there are still many things to do in Raja Ampat. You can still enjoy the lovely underwater view by using a sailboat. Particularly during the subsided times what under the sea can be clearly seen. There is another benefit if you prefer enjoying this area with sailboats. It is that you can simply travel around all the areas faster. Indeed, the cays and shoals are those you should not miss if you are already there.

Water Sport

If you love doing water sport it is possible as well to enjoy kayak, do snorkeling and even swim in the shallow areas. Interestingly, cultural activities are also available in Raja Ampat. There is a chance for you to join local people and do something fascinating like traditional fishing or feeding kuskus.

Land Tourism

Raja Ampat is indeed all about the sea tourism but it doesn’t mean you cannot walk on the land. If you have more time, why don’t you try to track to find out the beautiful waterfall? Another idea is by visiting Asmat tribe and learns how to make some exotic statues there. Other tourism spots placed on the land is the bat cave – well, it is different from what Batman has. Are you an animal lover? You should see Cendrawasih anyway. Cendrawasih is a kind of bird which only lives in Papua. It is one of those rare animals to protect. For you the history lovers, a cave which is the heritage of Dutch during World War II can still be seen.


Lastly since Raja Ampat is now becoming one of the most popular tourism destination located in Asia, you should not worry where to spend the nights. It depends on your taste whether you prefer something traditional, cultural, or maybe modern with various costs.